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CRM for Websites
Manage Relationships

Our websites are built to manage customer relationships effectively. With the CompanyEgg CRM, you can nurture your leads throughout the customer journey. Skip the expensive integration fees and use one built for today's online business world.


What is a CRM?

Customer Relationship Management is a technology used to interact with your customers and potential customers. An effective CRM solution allows you to maintain and manage customer relationships, track leads throughout the customer journey, track the effectiveness of your marketing channels, and deliver real value to your business. A CRM solution allows you to nurture and grow your business with software.

CRM Solution for SMEs

CRM for SMEs

Our CRM solution is built for every size of company. Focus on automating processes in a way that scales instead of doing repetitive tasks. Grow your business while learning more about your customers.

CRM for Enterprises

CRM for Larger Enterprises

With a CRM solution that works even with complex customer engagements, we help you grow your business without needing to grow your IT support staff. Skip the complex integrations with dozens of moving parts. Our CRM solution is integrated in the website experience.


Improve your sales pipeline with our CRM

Foster Customer Leads

Run marketing campaigns from multiple channels including web content on your website, email marketing, events, and SMS from one platform. Grow your business in smarter ways.

Understand Your Customers

Make better decisions by understanding your customer journey. Use our lead scoring solutions or easily build your own lead scoring system. Enrich your lead data to learn more about your customers.

Grow Your Business

Increase your ability to serve your customers with automation tasks that keep your customers engaged. Spend marketing dollars more effectively and gain more customers.


Build Customized Landing Pages

Most CRM solutions require dozens of other moving parts, integrations, and tools to manage your customers effectively. CompanyEgg No-Code Websites have fully integrated CRM solutions that allows you to build custom landing pages for customers that are optimized for customer conversions. Understand your customer journey and create content and landing pages specifically for the customer persona or individual customer.

AI-Powered Landing Page Design

Take the lessons learned from enterprises spending millions of dollars on advertising and apply them directly to your sales processes. Learn without making costly mistakes. Our AI-powered landing page design will help you convert customers more effectively.

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Every Channel in One CRM Solution

Your Website

Understand and effectively manage your customers that visit your website.

Email Marketing

Manage your customers who email you directly as well as outbound-email marketing campaigns.

Social Media

Manage your social media marketing campaigns and your customer service. Keep customers engaged.


Keep track of your communications and phone calls. Keep detailed notes in one dashboard.

Text Messaging

Manage both inbound and outbound SMS/MMS. Respond to your customers quickly.

Paid Search

Manage and understand your paid search campaigns. Track customer journeys from paid search easily.

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No-Code CMS Features:

Future-proof design platform.
Pick a new design without hiring a designer.
Get an SEO-friendly website.
Acquire more customers easily.
Business-first websites built for conversions.

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